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Nieman Lab - The internet isn’t forever. Is there an effective way to preserve great online interactives and news apps? Chris Mank 0
Motherboard - These Ancient GIFs Are a Dose of Good Internet Chris Mank 0 - Internet Archive and Overstock to ‘Hodl’ More Bitcoin Revenue and Donations Chris Mank 0
Art and Cake - Katie Herzog, Rubbing the Internet Archive Chris Mank 0
SFist - Internet Archive Trying To Digitize Every Old 78 Record In Existence Chris Mank 0
WGAL 8 - How one group is salvaging old 78 records Chris Mank 0
pakwired - 43 of the Most Useful Websites in 2017 Chris Mank 0
Local News Conference - Online Access to Archived Pages on the Internet Archive Uncertain for Researchers Chris Mank 0
A View From The Brink - Indian literature comes to the 'temple of knowledge' Chris Mank 0
TechSpot - The Internet Archive is collecting AOL free trial CDs Chris Mank 0
Half Moon Bay Magazine - Time Traveler Chris Mank 0
Readers First - An ALA Presentation by Internet Archive: Making Your Library a Digital Library by 2020 Chris Mank 0
MacArthur Foundation 100&Change - Engaging With Partners for the Public Good Chris Mank 0
Nasdaq - OpenTimestamps Has Timestamped the Entire Internet Archive Chris Mank 0
MIT News - MIT Press teams with Internet Archive and Arcadia Chris Mank 0
Venture Beat - Internet Archive preserved 200TB of government website data during transition to Trump administration Chris Mank 0
Atlas Obscura - A Wayback Machine for Early 20th Century Tunes Chris Mank 0
Forbes - Where To Find Those EPA Web Pages Scrubbed By The Trump Administration Chris Mank 0
The Webby Awards - Internet Archive Chris Mank 0
bOING bOING - Internet Archive: DRM for the Web is a Bad Idea Chris Mank 0
engadget - Go back to 1984 with Internet Archive's Macintosh collection Chris Mank 0
Craftsmanship Quarterly - Tomorrow's Library Chris Mank 0
WGBH - Saving Facts On The Internet Chris Mank 0
The Modesto Bee - Want to count the times he said Make Mexico pay? San Francisco archive can help Chris Mank 0
Educause Review - Transforming Our Libraries from Analog to Digital: A 2020 Vision Chris Mank 0
Recode - Full transcript: Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle on Recode Decode Chris Mank 0
PRI - Where to find what's disappeared online, and a whole lot more: the Internet Archive Chris Mank 0
The New York Times - MacArthur Foundation Picks Eight Projects That Could Change the World Chris Mank 0
Chicago Tribune - MacArthur names 8 semifinalists for $100 million grant Chris Mank 0
The Atlantic - Donald Trump's Lost 1990s Websites Chris Mank 0
VoA - The Wayback Machine Shows History of the Internet Chris Mank 0
Discover - Archivists Want AI to Help Save, Analyze Everything Trump Says Chris Mank 0
LA Times - Fearing climate change databases may be threatened in Trump era, UCLA scientists work to protect them Chris Mank 0
Motherboard - All References to Climate Change Have Been Deleted From the White House Website Chris Mank 0
GCN - Scratching the surface of the Obama administration’s social media data Chris Mank 0
Wired - Rogue Scientists Race to Save Climate Data from Trump Chris Mank 0
The Hindu - An Internet time machine Chris Mank 0
ZD Net - Google Chrome gets Wayback Machine extension: End to the pain of 404 errors? Chris Mank 0
Forbes - Why Aren't We Doing More With Our Web Archives? Chris Mank 0
Circle ID - History is Written and Revised by the Winners - Can the Internet Archive Change That? Chris Mank 0
engadget - The Trump Archive is collecting everything he's said on video Chris Mank 0
Forbes - The Internet Archive's New Donald Trump And White House Archives: Transparency And History As Data Chris Mank 0
Tech Insider:The Internet Archive launched a 'Trump Archive' of old TV footage to hold the president-elect to account Chris Mank 0
ABC - ABC7 News 600PM Chris Mank 0
The Hill - Internet Archive launches library of Trump videos Chris Mank 0
Motherboard - Here’s 520 Hours of Trump Interviews So You Can Fact-Check the President Chris Mank 0
PBS News Hour - Internet history is fragile. This archive is making sure it doesn't disappear Chris Mank 0
the now - ZYTARUK: Surrey's headlines, deadlines and dreadlines Chris Mank 0
Democracy Now - Facing Possible Threats Under Trump, Internet Archive to Build Server in Canada Chris Mank 0
Democracy Now - Brewster Kahle End of Term Chris Mank 0
Seeker - Now You Can Mine Two Million Hours of Network News Chris Mank 0
The State Journal - Examining Trump's threat to close down the internet Chris Mank 0
WNYC - Brewster Kahle On The Media Chris Mank 0
NBC - Archivers Busy Preserving Obama Admin.'s Web Pages Chris Mank 0
cNET - Looking for a deleted website? You may find it here Chris Mank 0
Clean Technica - Protecting America’s Environmental Websites & Data From Trump Chris Mank 0
MSNBC - The Rachel Maddow Show Chris Mank 0
The Indian Express - Breaking down news: Truth in the age of internet Chris Mank 0
VB - The Internet Archive aims to preserve 100 terabytes of government website data… just in case Chris Mank 0
Seeker - Climate Scientists Scramble to Backup Data Before Trump Takes Charge Chris Mank 0
Motherboard - Researchers Are Preparing for Trump to Delete Government Science From the Web Chris Mank 0
Mother Jones - The Coolest Thing on the Internet Is Moving to Canada Chris Mank 0
TechCrunch - Backing up the history of the internet in Canada to save it from Trump Chris Mank 0
FiveThirtyEight - An FBI Error Opens A Window Into Government Demands For Private Info Chris Mank 0
CBC Radio - The Current - Fear of Trump has the Internet Archive moving to Canada Chris Mank 0

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